Seattle Bouldering Project

Rainier Valley Indoor Climbing Gym – Seattle, WA

Project Overview

The Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP) has been a fixture in the Seattle outdoor community since its conception in 2011. Seeing 1,500+ people per day, its 3 story climbing, yoga, fitness, coworking, cafe and bar space uses a lot of water. SBP needed a way to quickly reduce water and energy consumption.

Sage Conservation performed a comprehensive audit of all fixtures at the facility and created a Phased out plan to help SBP tackled the low hanging fruit immediately while planning out more intensive projects as budget became available. Scope of work included 2 locker rooms, 9 bathrooms and a custom foot pedal operated pressure washing station for cleaning climbing holds.

Custom Pressure Washing Booth

SBP changes out routes on sections of their walls multiple times per week and multiple times per day during competitions, after which each hold must be cleaned. The pressure washer is mounted to a stand and ran continuously while each hold was washed, leaving the operator drenched from leaky hoses and the persistent spray. With our custom foot pedal operated system it eliminated all leaks and unnecessary water use. See videos below.



Annual Water and Energy Savings

– 150,000 Gallons of Water
– 100,000 Gallons of Hot Water
– 24,000 KwH
– 16.8 Metric Tons of CO2

ROI: 12 Months