Are water rates rising?

Sorry to break it to you, but rates are slated to rise by about 40% over the next 5 years! 

How much does it cost? 

Typically, tune-ups pay for themselves within 6-12 months, and are $200-$400 depending on number of bathrooms and fixtures.  The question isn’t how much does it cost, but how much you’ll make as our water rates increases (Typical savings after five years is $1500-$2500). For more detailed information, please contact us.

Will my showers be piddly and my toilets skid-ly?

Definitely not! We only install Sage Certified Products, meaning that we only offer products that you will love.  

Can I still save water if my house is new-ish?

Most new toilets use .5 gal/flush more than advertised, and most newly installed faucets and showers are standard flow, so even new or recently remodeled homes typically save 10-15% water.

Why Save Water?

  • Our region’s population growth is among the highest in the nation
  • Our water supply capacity (“firm yield”) is expected to drop by 30% in the next 30 years as climate warms
  • We can keep stream and river levels higher for salmon
  • Pumping, purifying, heating and treating our water accounts for 13%-18% of total electrical consumption in the US
  • so saving water=saving energy=reducing our carbon footprint=slowing down climate change=protecting our water supply
  • Why flush money down the toilet?


What if I don’t like my new stuff? 

We’re happy to come back and make minor adjustments at your property free of charge.

In the unlikely event that you prefer your devices the way they were before we tuned them up, we’ll gladly switch them back!

Do I have to clean my bathrooms before you come over?

Absolutely not!  We want this to be a fun and easy process for you!  Ok, maybe double check that you flushed though!

How do you calculate your numbers? 

We combine a brief survey with EPA’s national standards, and info gathered during the retrofit to accurately predict the impact of our services.  

What are some things I can be doing to save water, aside from setting up a retrofit?

  1. Full loads only on washing machines and dishwashers
  2. Don’t let water run during dishes or brushing teeth
  3. Fill sink with a few inches of water when shaving.  Be a splasher, not a rinser.
  4. Keep drinking water in the fridge instead of letting it run forever to get cold.
  5. Check toilets yearly for leaks.
  6. Um, try not to fall asleep in the shower.
  7. Check spigots and hoses for leaks every spring.
  8. Water your lawn and garden in early am
  9. Let your lawn go golden.
  10. Tell all your friends and work buddies about our retrofits!

Why spread the word? 

Like a ripple in the water, your small impact can exponentially grow by encouraging others to take part in this fun, feel good movement.