Greater Seattle Area

Project Overview

Sage and Stone LLC, Sage Conservations parent company, has designed, installed, and retrofitted 138 irrigation systems. Our systems include detailed zone specific design, weather based data, automatic seasonal adjustment, soil moisture sensors, water-wise plant selections and proper soil amendment. Despite dramatically lower water use, our plantings thrive, and have even coverage. Our audits and designs are completed by a Master Gardener.

Water and Energy Savings

Compared with traditional systems, an average 4000 ft2 lot saves 43,120 gallons/yr, or the equivalent of $1,141/yr. Total savings per year is nearly 6 million gallons and $157,514. We base our calculations off previous water bills provided by clients, and feel this is a conservative number altogether.

Behavior Analysis

Because of landscape’s involve high volume of water at peak rates, irrigation retrofits prove to have a very short ROI, are non-invasive, and gardens tend to be healthier. Our submetering devices can also eliminate sewer costs, and leak detection metering can prevent financially disastrous events.