Ideal Care Homes


Project Overview

In the initial audit of the facility the water supply line PSI was found to be double the safe pressure, causing fixtures to leak throughout the property. Sage Conservation found this problem before it caused catastrophic damage, installed a Pressure Reducing Valve, rebuilt all toilets, replaced all toilet supply lines, switched out aerators and shower heads.
Retrofit to the 40,000 square foot facility took place over 2 days.

Water and Energy Savings

Through these simple non-invasive measures, the facility is projected to cut water consumption by 33%, and an ROI of 10 months. Shower consumption was reduced by 60%, and faucet consumption by 70%. 35% of water savings is hot water, reducing energy bills by 7%.

Behavior Analysis

Due to the nature of Ideal Care Homes’ senior care business, Sage Conservation chose to use products in this facility that reduced water consumption without altering user residences’ experience